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Welcome to Vincent Dagron Eyewear. Founded by Vincent Dagron in 1996, the company formerly known as 123 Eyewear, has made a name for itself in the boutique eyewear industry with it's vibrant colors, original designs, wearable shapes and amazing material & color treatments.

Located by the famous Jack London Square in the heart of downtown Oakland, California, Vincent Dagron Eyewear is a smallcompany of 4 dedicated employees, all with creative backgrounds with an affinity for music.

Vincent Dagron Eyewear invites you to discover more about the company, our unique products, and this website. Please explore this website and discover that THERE IS NO ONE YOU.


Eyewear is the ultimate accessory and is a way of expressing style, emotion, color, mood, and culture. Eyewear is much like a handbag, a pair of shoes, or a striking tie in the sense that you always need more than just ONE. A pair for work, a pair for going out with friends, a pair for going to the gym, a pair to match your latest outfit . . . the possibilities are endless.

Remember that there is no ONE eyewear frame because THERE IS NO ONE YOU.


Vincent Dagron has been designing frames all his life. He remembers making frames in the back of his parent's optical store in Poitiers, France where he was born and raised. Vincent trained at the prestigious Lycee Bernard School of Opticianary Science in Morez, France, where he earned the degree Master Optician. In 1999, Vincent graduated from the world renown, 4-year program at UC Berkeley School of Optometry in California and became a Doctor of Optometry. He practices as an Optometrist at UC San Francisco once a week.

Eyewear with simple and streamlined elements is the core emphasis of Vincent's designs. His affinity for modern interior design and abstract art has complemented his work. Like any artist, Vincent has evolved his own personal style through the years and strives to create complexity within simplicity. Vincent's designs can be found on famous DJs and faces around the world. He is involved in many custom projects where one-of-a-kind pieces are tailored and handmade for clients. Custom fitting and design services are available by appointment ( please contact
by email ).

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